Creative Expressions: How Participating in the Arts Benefits Children


Wow! Where has the summer gone? The old cliche “time flies when you are having fun” becomes truer each day. A few short weeks ago, school was ending for the year, and we were gearing up for vacations and summer camps. Now parents are busily and frantically scrambling to enroll their kids in school and after-school activities. And there are so many activities to choose from – soccer, football, cheer, gymnastics, dance, music, art, and theatre.

Many parents will pursue sports activities for their kids because that appears to be the “popular and in thing” to do. However, parents, have you ever considered enrolling your child in a creative arts program?

If your child is struggling socially, emotionally, or academically in school, it is a proven fact that those engaging in the study of creative arts perform better in math, reading, and writing skills. Participating in creative arts assists children with language, motor, and visual learning development. Children engaged in creative arts are better equipped to interpret complex texts and subject matter. They can demonstrate intricate level and critical thinking skills. Their memorization skills improve, and they score higher on standardized testing, becoming more proficient in their core academic classes.

The arts positively influence behavior, providing empathy, compassion, and life lessons in social relationships and complex emotional issues. The creative arts promote acceptance, inclusiveness, and diversity that go beyond their childhood and teen years. Intricate life lessons are learned when children and individuals have the opportunity and ability to explore emotions and situations too difficult to discuss. Children who engage in the dance area of the creative arts can demonstrate an excellent capacity for self-expression, social tolerance, and physical well-being.

Here are 15 top skills that children gain from the creative arts: Creativity, Self-Confidence, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Focus, Non-Verbal Communication, Receiving Constructive Feedback, Collaboration, Dedication, Accountability, Discipline, Team Work, Commitment, Positivity, and Satisfaction. Creative arts prepare children to comprehend better and understand the ever-changing world we live in.

Many creative art possibilities exist for your child in the Auburn-Opelika Area. It is most important to do your research and check out websites, call, or visit to ensure you find the right fit for you and your child. Many of the community theatres in the area offer classes and training in acting, improv, and musical theatre. Dance studios in the area offer all dance genres, with some specializing only in specific genres. Almost all of the dance and theatre programs are happy to offer your child a “free” trial class.

For convenience, here is a list of theatre and dance programs in the Auburn-Opelika area: Make Your Move Performing Arts, Celtic Traditions School of Irish Dance, Variations Dance Studio, Nix Dance Studio, Rising Stars, Stansell Ballet, and Taylor’s Dance Company. Theatre programs in the area include – Opelika Community Theatre, Auburn Area Community Theatre, Alsobrook Performing Arts, Springer Opera House, and New Horizons Community Theatre.

Marty Moore Creative Expressions

Marty Moore has been a professional dancer, actor, dance educator, and talent adjudicator for over 50 years. She is the Executive Artistic Director for Opelika Community Theatre and responsible for making OCT the Second AL Chapter for the PENGUIN PROJECT FOUNDATION providing youth with developmental, neurological, and physical challenges the opportunity to perform in a modified version of a Broadway show. Fun fact: She choreographed Justin Timberlake’s very first video for Ardent Studios in Memphis.

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