Self Care for Busy Moms


Moms, you are on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You take care of everyone: the kids, your spouse, the pets, maybe an elderly parent, your home, and you work too. You need to take time-outs to recharge your batteries so overload does not overwhelm you. People working in offices take morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch hour. A fifteen-minute break can feel luxurious when you pause to refresh and refocus on yourself.

Toss aside the to-do list in your head for a little while; it can wait. Instead of homework, settle the kids into a coloring project or a PBS program, which might require your help. When you take a few minutes to relax, you will recharge yourself for the rest of the day.

Schedule Your Break Time

Take out your planner, or schedule your break on your phone with a reminder. Start with an afternoon break daily, then add the morning break after a few days to get everyone used to the relaxation ritual. Ideally, you should plan to take a mom break in the morning and again in the afternoon at a set time. Start with 15 minutes and work your way up in five-minute increments. You will find yourself looking forward to your mommy break, which will help you make it a habit.

Claim a Comfortable Chair

Set up a space near an end table. Claim a chair as your ongoing special mom chair. Tell everyone mom time is at the same time every day. Give them the opportunity to think of a quiet activity they can do to relax and recharge themselves.

Bring Outdoor Beauty Inside

Step outside to grab some branches from native plantings in your yard. It is okay if the leaves have fallen off. Put them in a pretty vase right near your mom chair. Or, stop in the flower section at the grocery store and grab an inexpensive bouquet in colors you enjoy. You can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the water. Lavender, vanilla, bergamot (a citrus fruit similar to lemons), rose, and other scented oils can help you feel more relaxed.

Put on Calming Music Without Vocals

Listening to calming music without vocals can help you feel more serene. Put on some earbuds and listen to a luscious piano or violin concerto to complete your sensory ritual.

Make Your Feet Feel Cozy

Buy some cozy, fuzzy, pretty socks for yourself. We are always looking for inexpensive, cool socks for the kids. Think about yourself, too. Something about softness on the feet feels like a spa experience. All that running around and doing for others tires your feet. Cozy socks send a comforting message to your body and brain. Order online or pick them up at a discount store.

Sip Something Good

Get yourself a new special tea cup at the thrift store or order online as a symbol of your new endeavor to make time for yourself. You can treat yourself to a new flavor of tea. The color, aroma, and taste will refresh you. Slow down, sip away, and savor the flavor.

If tea is not your thing, bubbly water is refreshing, especially with an essence you enjoy, such as pear, raspberry, or mango. Pour it into one of your fancy drinking glasses usually reserved for company. Gaze at the sparkling bubbles in your glass. Inhale and sip away.

Enjoy a Little Tasty Treat

Buy yourself a box of handmade chocolates at the local chocolatier. Most retailers carry sugar-free and gluten-free selections, too. Eat one per day as a reward for all that you do.

If you are not into chocolate, buy some gourmet berries in the organic section of the market. Relax in your chair while you enjoy a few each day.

Peruse the Pages of a Beautiful Magazine

Go to the library to get hard copies of magazines with lots of colorful photos. Turn the pages and enjoy the images; you don’t have to read the articles.

Allow yourself to dream or think about whatever you want. This is your time. If a creative idea pops into your head, write it down on a paper notepad before it slips away. You can research it later, not during your break. Place a notepad and pencil on the table next to your special mom chair.

Keep Your Mind Off Concerns

During your break, try to refocus away from important concerns and just enjoy the peace and tranquility. Put your cell phone out of reach and turn off any sound, including vibration, that will distract you from your break.

Make a Commitment

Check your planner to make sure your break for tomorrow is there to remind you. Try not to skip a day or change the time because it might slip away.

Sarah T. Yale is a mom who writes articles about kid’s activities, family fun, wellness, nutrition, hobbies, and nature to inspire and encourage. She takes care of her family, including her two children, a husband, an elderly parent, two cats, and a German shorthaired pointer.


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