Student Spotlights – July 2024

Student & School Spotlights - JULY 24 MBP
Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across Mobile.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Mobile Bay Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements!
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St. Luke’s Springfest 2024


It’s ONLY the BIGGEST competition of the school year: Red v. Black! It’s a day when the air buzzes with excitement and friendly competition. Spring Fest 2024 was full of traditions, fun, and laughter! The day ended with Tug of War, the much-anticipated grand finale of SpringFest. It brings together the entire school community in a spirited display of teamwork and friendly competition, with cheers and chants from the Red and Black Teams trying to claim victory! This year, the red team clinched the title, amassing the highest points across the day’s events.

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Council's Law Day Art Contest Winner


Congratulations to Abigail Krause, a talented 5th grader from Council Traditional School, who is a winner in the 2024 Law Day Art Contest. Her masterpiece not only won 1st place but will also adorn the walls of the Mobile County Courthouse for an entire year. Abigail’s talent was celebrated in style at a special luncheon at the prestigious Battle House Hotel. Congratulations, Abigail, on your incredible achievement and for making your mark in the world of art.

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Corpus Christi Catholic School First Communion


Congratulations to Corpus Christi Catholic School second graders who received their First Communion!

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St. Luke’s Boys Soccer Team Wins State


St. Luke’s beat Westminster-Oak Mountain 3-2, and the Wildcats’ journey to clinching their first-ever Blue Map as the Soccer State Champions is a tale of determination, skill, and unyielding team spirit that captivated and inspired their school community. This monumental achievement marks not just a victory, but a testament to the team’s hard work, dedication, and resilience. Overcoming challenges and surpassing expectations, the Wildcats have shown what it truly means to come together with a single goal in mind: to emerge as champions. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

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Celebrating Tradition at McGill-Toolen Catholic

At the end of each year, we celebrate the transition of leadership from our graduating seniors to the Junior Class with our Ring and Rosary Ceremony. Every student receives a class rosary that is blessed by our President Fr. Shields in addition to their class rings. With our rich history and tradition, it is extra special to see so many legacy rings being passed down from generation to generation. Class of 71 Jimbo Perez and Gary Davis share their rings with grandsons Lee Graham and Bryson Tolbert and Grayson Robinson with her grandmother Regina Sullivan Ollinger’s Toolen class of 1951 ring and Celi Frances Dean with her grandmother Ginger Naman Koppersmith’s 1972 ring; and Andrew Murchisson with his grandfather Richard McKean’s Class of 1970 ring, Joseph McCarron with his grandfather Scooter McCarron’s 1965 ring, Josef Wittendorfer with his grandfather David Wittendorfer’s Class of 1966 ring and Owen Norwood with his dad James’ Class of 1985 ring.

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The Viking Walk at Little Flower Catholic School


The Viking Walk at Little Flower Catholic School brought many happy and amusing memories to the former Little Flower students who are graduating from high school this May. Many of these students had not seen much of their former classmates in the last four years, and the occasion gave them an opportunity to renew old friendships. The graduates were invited to stay for a lunch in their honor, and were given a tour of the school. The stories they told about “the old days”, brought rounds of laughter attached to the memories. We salute our graduates; we invite them to return often, and remember, “once a Viking, always a Viking”.

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St. Luke's Students Learn About Skin


Summer break brings increased sun exposure for students! Elizabeth Simpson, PA-C, recently spoke with St. Luke’s Biomedical Science students about the critical topic of skin cancer. As the most common type of cancer, skin cancer is notably one of the most preventable forms. Mrs. Simpson provided valuable insights, discussing various types of skin cancer and the treatments available for each.
During her session, Mrs. Simpson offered practical examples and even demonstrated how to perform a razor biopsy using an orange, making the lesson both engaging and educational. This hands-on demonstration helped students grasp the procedure in a tangible way, enhancing their understanding of skin cancer diagnosis.
We are grateful to Mrs. Simpson for dedicating her time and expertise to educating our students on this important health issue. Her efforts have undoubtedly equipped them with the knowledge to better protect themselves and others from the dangers of skin cancer.

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Covenant Christian School Success at Art Show


Our CCS artists made a spectacular showing at Springhill Hospital’s Color By Kids Art competition! We swept the K-2 category, and took first place in 3rd-5th. The students received a certificate and a gift card to Hobby Lobby. In addition, the school received $285 in prize money for the art department, and our two first place plaques are on display in the office. Way to go Eagles!! #smallschoolbigimpact

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Little Flower Catholic School Receives Books From Grant


Our hats are off to the Little Flower middle school language arts teacher, Miss Sydni Brooks, who has landed a grant to benefit the middle school library. Miss Brooks has finished up her two-year placement with the Alliance for Catholic Education through the University of Notre Dame. Her bright smile and creative ways will be missed and we wish her the best as she moves to Washington, D.C. for her next adventure.

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St. Luke’s “Walking the Hall” Tradition


St. Luke’s class of 2024 experienced one of our most cherished traditions, “Walking the Halls,” as they bid farewell to the youngest Wildcats on Japonica before doing the same on the University Campus.
For many of these seniors, walking through the infamous red doors of the lower campus held a special significance, a moment filled with nostalgia and reflection, a reminder of how far they’ve come! The next time these students pass through the red doors, they will do so as alumni, carrying with them the lessons and memories of their formative years.
Walking the Halls of the upper campus made us realize they are one step closer to their future, ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities, and we couldn’t be more proud!
We love you, Class of 2024!

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Little Flower Catholic School Wraps Up a Wonderful Year


Little Flower Catholic School students are jumping for joy because they have completed another great year of school. So many accomplishments were made. So many friendships were forged. So many prayers prayed. Here’s to a restful Viking Vacation for students and teachers.

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St. Mary's Mustang Walk!


St. Mary’s Class of 2020, now the high school class of 2024 came back to their alma mater on May 15 for the annual Mustang Walk! With caps and gowns and many decorated with various cords and medals of distinction, these Mustangs stormed the halls with high fives and hugs to St. Mary’s current students, many of them siblings, and staff and faculty who taught them along their journey. With laughter and tears of joy, the conversations were flowing, with one of those being a line from one senior to another, “Don’t you remember when we were here and couldn’t wait for the seniors to come back to see us?”
St. Mary congratulates all graduates of the class of 2024! by Marcelle Naman

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Congratulations Corpus Christi Catholic School Grads


Congratulations, Class of 2024! You are about to embark on an exhilarating four-year journey through high school, and we are all incredibly proud of you here at Corpus Christi. As you step into this new chapter of your lives, remember that hard work, dedication, and perseverance will be key to your success. We have no doubt that you will all flourish and grow into capable and compassionate individuals, ready to make a positive impact on the world.

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Council's Future Filmmakers


A standing ovation for Khalil Evans, Everett LaDart, Penelope Curtis and Caleb Yoder of Council Traditional School! At the 10th Annual MCPSS Film Festival, amidst the glitz of the Saenger Theater and the unstoppable flash of paparazzi, these stars shone the brightest. Your hard work and talent have truly set the stage. Congratulations on your well-deserved honor!

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Cultivate Studios Mobile Science Safety


Learners in the Discovery Studio at Cultivate Mobile setup safety precautions to conduct their science experiment independently with Generation Genius leaders!

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St. Pius X School’s Academic Excellence Award Recipients


St. Pius X School students Jake Lehocky and Rosie Barnett are pictured with our Pastor, Fr. Nicholas Napolitano, at the 8th grade promotion Mass. Jake and Rosie received the Academic Excellence Award. Photo by Betsy Howard

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St. Pius X School Volunteers are the Coolest!


St. Pius X School parents and PTO officers Bonnie Gaudet and Heather Gaudet enjoy a cool treat on a very hot day. They and nearly 70 other parents and volunteers received cards and cool pops from the students because “SPX Volunteers are the Coolest”! Photo by Katie Mattingly

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St. Pius X School’s Christian Leadership Award


St. Pius X student Felicity Gaudet received the Christian Leadership Award at the 8th grade promotion Mass. She is pictured with Father Nicholas Napolitano, Pastor of St. Pius X Parish. Photo by Betsy Howard

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Cultivate Studios Mobile Learn Weaving


Students from Cultivate Studios Mobile learn the art of weaving with Coastal Art Makers instructor Mrs. Kari for their monthly art project!

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Cypress Grove Academy Closing Assembly


CGA Closing Assembly was a special time to honor our Kindergarten graduates, sixth graders advancing to the logic school, award the House Cup, and give praise to God for his faithfulness this year!

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Cypress Grove Academy Celebrates 6th Grade and 4th Grade

Cypress Grove celebrated the advancement of our sixth grade students to the Logic School and our fourth grade students moving up. We are thankful for all the many ways that our students have grown this year!

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HCA Kindergarteners Graduate to First Grade


Congratulations to the 2024 K5 graduating class of Heartwood Christian Academy! K5 graduation is a special milestone in a young child’s life. Heartwood early childhood leaders, Ms. Delidia Horn Nettles, Ms. Jessica Horn, and Mrs. Pat Neese helped with every aspect of the graduation with Miss Libby March, Vice President of Heartwood Student Council, delivering a speech challenging the little ones. One could sense the accomplishment of these young students as they accepted their diplomas. It was a special moment for each of them as they marched in, from turning the tassel on the graduation cap to the final ceremonial walk. Welcome to first grade! The best is yet to come!

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Heartwood Christian Academy’s High School Graduating Class of 2024


Congratulations to Heartwood Christian Academy’s graduating class of 2024!
Every aspect of the graduation ceremony was exquisite – from the student videos to switching the tassels to the traditional cap toss. Over half of the graduating class received honors. Students entered to “Pomp and Circumstance” by Sir Edward Elgar. Then Mrs. Bonita Harris, HCA Administrator, and Mrs. Debbie Botsis, senior class advisor, conducted the ceremony. Mrs. Harriet Callahan, a beloved Heartwood teacher, delivered an exceptional speech challenging the graduates. Miss Marabella Wilmoth, class valedictorian, and student council president, delivered the senior class speech and passed the Heartwood student council stole to Miss Lauren Higgins, who assumed duties as the 2024-2025 president. Mrs. Bonita Harris prayed the final blessing over the students. As one chapter ends, another chapter begins. We wish them the best in their endeavors moving forward.

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8th Annual LWCC Kingdom Academy International Festival

Just before ending the school year, students of the LWCC Kingdom Academy hosted their 8th Annual LWCCKA International Festival! They presented countries from around the world with handmade crafts, a musical presentation, interesting slideshows, a challenging dance, fun games, and delicious traditional foods. We are very proud of our students and future global leaders!

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Cypress Grove Academy Celebrates 6th Grade and 4th Grade

Join us in celebrating our students’ outstanding achievement in the Accelerated Reading Program at Council Traditional Elementary School. This year, our students collectively read an impressive 20,202 books, amounting to a remarkable 68,235,333 words. We are immensely proud of their dedication to literacy and academic excellence!

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Mobile Bar Association’s Law Day

Mobile County Public Schools students excelled at the Mobile Bar Association’s Law Day, an annual event celebrating the role of law in our society. In the Elementary Art Contest, Abigail Krause , a fifth-grader at Council Traditional Magnet, won first place, and Marie Colleli, a fifth-grader at Eichold-Mertz Magnet, placed second. Three Clark-Shaw eighth-graders swept the Middle School Essay Contest: Terialyn Petite won first place, Khiyah Winston took second place, and Tyler Hughes placed third. In the High School Essay Contest, the winner was Tyron Rhodes, a junior at Citronelle High School, and Nakeria Woods, a senior at Murphy High School, tied for third place.

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Saint Dominic Fourth Graders Bring Alabama History to Life


Fourth grade students stepped into the shoes of historical figures from the state of Alabama in their Time Hop presentation. They answered questions and shared stories as if they were living history themselves.

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Saint Dominic Students Celebrate Returning Alumni


Students and staff at Saint Dominic joyfully welcomed alumni back to the school. They rang in their high school graduation with different activities and a special “Eagle Walk” around the building.

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St. Mary's 8th Grade Honors

St Mary’s Graduation Mass and Awards Ceremony was held May 22 where all families came to celebrate this milestone for their students. Awards were presented to the following students: Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Cunningham Awards were presented to Katie Blanchette and Archer LeGrone. 4.0 Award recipients included Braydon Arata, Abigail Blaize, Katie Blanchette, Anna Burch, Molly Dudley, Alex Gould, Clara King, Archer LeGrone, Maggie Claire Martin, Jack O’Dowd, and Henri Woodard.
St. Mary Virtue Award honors were presented to Jabraylen Brown, Marguerite Carroll, Paige Johnson, and Zoe Trehern.
St. Mary’s also invited 8th Grade Speakers to address their class. St Mary’s 8th Grade Graduation Mass speakers were Seth Demouey, Kennedy Hambright, and Paige Johnson, and the 8th Grade Luncheon Speakers were Mary Dowdy, Clara King, Archer LeGrone, and Kelise Nicholson. Photos by Marcelle Naman

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Saint Dominic Eighth Graders Had a Quinceañera


Families and fellow students gathered to watch as eighth graders danced and celebrated the tradition of the quinceañera that they had been learning about in Spanish class.

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Causey Middle School’s LEGO League Competes


Causey Middle School had one of their FIRST LEGO League teams compete in the FLL WPI Open Invitational in Worcester, MA June 7-9, 2024. Team 30014 Hey, Dudes competed against 108 other teams from around the world. They were invited to attend the tournament after their stellar performance at the Alabama FLL State Championship tournament. The team represented Causey Middle School very well. Team members that competed in the tournament were Brayden Farley, Robert Jeffrey, Zachary Bullington, and Kolten Wright Powell.

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Read Write Academy Hands-On Science!


Our Read Write Academy students loved the last science unit of the 23-24 school year. They studied and understood the functions of different parts of animal cells. To further their knowledge, they were able to make their own 3D model of an animal cell out of Play-Doh.

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UMS-Wright Golf Teams Win State Titles

In May, the Girls’ Golf Team secured the 7A State Championship and the BLUE MAP! The Boys’ Golf Team won 6A Runner-Up. Individually, Frances Brown captured her third straight class 7A individual state title. Way to go!7

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UMS-Wright Band Students Receive Superior Ratings

17 UMS-Wright Band students, 7th-12th grade, performed in the ABA State Solo and Ensemble at Spanish Fort Middle School in May. They performed in 23 different events and 37 Superior Medals were awarded (11 for solos and 26 for ensembles)!
In addition to the Superior ratings, there were 2 Excellent rated solos.
7th grade:Henry Arrington (3 events), Arabella Bedsole (3 events), Richard Delaney (3 events), Matthew Driscoll (2 events), Caitlin Finney (3 events), Ellis Grimm (3 events), Cade Marks (2 events), William Marmande (2 events), Nicholas McPherson (one event), Richie Nguyen (3 events), Gaillard Passmore (2 events) & Dylan Wink (one event)
8th grade: Elizabeth Finney (one event)
9th grade: Rossana Delfierro (one event)
11th grade: Jewel McCrary (3 events) & Mariah Smith (3 events)
12th grade: Braydon Williford – not pictured (3 events)

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St. Mary's First Communicants


St. Mary’s Parish welcomed in their second grade First Communicants on Sunday, May 5 with a beautiful Mass and reception. Under the direction of St. Mary’s Pastor, Father Vrazel, and St. Mary’s Principal, Corinne Cuffle, their teachers to include second grade teachers Bethany Brewer and Jessica Martin, and CCD Teacher, Hattie Alexander prepared them for this very special day.
St. Mary’s First Communicants include: Clark Joseph Arensberg, Colsson “CG” Greene Beasley, Madison Jené Bryan, Everett Lebaron Buchanan, Harry Everett Cuffle, Lucy E. Daniels, Mia Lisette Dunaway, David Paul Fletcher, Jr., Edward Raymond Ford, IV, Milan Lillian-Marie Grove, Cecelia Mae Hood, Hannah Margaret Brown Jarvis, Adley Caroline Koen, Jayden Logan Lopez-Herrera, Fritz Lursen, Evelyn Rose Marasca, Henry Beckett Martin, Ellison Greer Murphy, Peter Joseph O’Dowd, Cooper Thomas Odom, Brody Tyler Orso, Corey Hunter Pardue, Madelyn Grace Piper, Mason Powell, Lawson Reid, Jillian Elise Ross, Diego Fernando Sánchez, Sean Valliere Thibodeaux Saurage, Michael Joseph Smith, Mary Blythe Smith, Elijah Sonnier, Matthew Isaac Stowe, John Lyons Talbott, Charlotte Jane Teske, Reed William Thompson, Melainey Renee Williams, Claudia Anne Wishon, and Thomas Alphonse Hays Zieman, III. Photo by Shane Rice

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Mobile County Public Schools Compete in National Archery Tournament

Several students from Mobile County Public Schools excelled at the NASP Eastern National Archery Tournament in Louisville, Ky. Gunnar Couch of Grand Bay Middle shot the tournament’s first-ever perfect score of 300. Dawes Intermediate’s Makynzie Thompson took the top spot in the overall elementary girls division with a score of 292. Alma Bryant High’s team won first place overall, and Causey Middle placed first in a national 3D competition. They were recognized recently by the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners (and are pictured with District 5 Commissioner Johnny Hatcher).
Other MCPSS archers placing in the top 10 of their division at the NASP National Tournament were:
Lilliana Smith, Dawes Intermediate School, fourth place, elementary school girls division, with a score of 284; and fifth place in the NASP 3D tournament;
Talah Coleman, Alma Bryant High School, fourth place, high school girls division, with a score of 295;
Hadley Johnson, Alma Bryant High School, sixth place, high school girls division, with a score of 294.
Logan Taylor, Causey Middle School, eighth place, middle school boys division, with a score of 290.

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Mobile County Public Schools Summer Internship Program


More than 150 students are getting hands-on learning opportunities in a variety of career fields this summer though the Mobile County Public Schools Summer Internship Program.
More than 35 businesses and industries throughout Mobile County are providing paid internships through the program. Included are public entities like MCPSS, the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office and the cities of Citronelle, Creola, Mobile and Mount Vernon; manufacturers like Outokumpu, SSAB and Ingalls Shipbuilding; a variety of contractors and engineering firms affiliated with the Academy of Craft Training; and more.
The internship program “allows students to make meaningful connections, gain real-world learning experiences, and uncover opportunities right here in the Mobile area, setting the foundation for their future success,” said Claire Minto, MCPSS Career Academies Supervisor.

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St. Mary's McT Augustine Scholars


Several St. Mary’s Catholic School 8th graders were among the McGill-Toolen Augustine Scholarship Recipients this past May. Included are Clara King, Abigail Blaize, Sam Salono, Liam Ollis, Braydon Arata, and Jack O’Dowd. Go Mustangs! Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

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Denton Magnet Student's Archery Talent Shines at World Championships


Brayden Deas, a promising archer from Denton Magnet School of Technology, recently showcased his skills at the NASP World Championships in Daytona Beach. Despite being in just his second year at Denton, and only his second year of Archery, Brayden’s journey to the global stage demonstrates his dedication and talent. His impressive performance among tough competitors highlights his potential as a future star in the sport.
Before his fantastic showing at the World Championships, Brayden competed at the state level, shooting an impressive 285 which ranked him #5 in the state for middle school boys. This qualified him for a spot at the district level in Kentucky, where he showed out with another great score of 275, sending him to the World Championships!
Brayden’s story serves as inspiration for aspiring archers, showing that hard work pays off. Keep an eye on Brayden as he continues to excel in the world of archery.

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Saint Dominic Students Completed a Week of Dissections


A full week of animal dissections in Saint Dominic’s seventh grade science classes provided hands-on learning opportunities for students. The frog dissection, captured in the image, was just one of the engaging experiences alongside starfish and cow eye examinations.

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Welcome, Barton Academy Explorers!

On June 4, we welcomed new Barton Explorers to our facilities, completed in-person registration, and passed out yard signs to our new families. A “New Explorer Camp” will take place in July for those who registered to attend, and a “Meet the Teacher” event will be in August. We are so excited to welcome our new students and families to all of the great learning that takes place under the Barton Dome!

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Causey Middle School Archery Team

Introducing your 2024 IBO 3D World Championship Bronze Medalists and your 2024 NASP World Championship Gold Medalists! Also, congratulations to Alaina Percherke (4th place bullseye) and Logan Taylor (5th place bullseye). This team has fought so hard this season, and we could not be prouder! What a phenomenal season for our Causey Archery team!

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Mobile County Public School graduates Receive Scholarships

Several Mobile County Public Schools graduates received generous scholarships from the 100 Black Men of Greater Mobile. Nakeria Woods of Murphy and Josef Holloway of Davidson each received $40,000 over four years to attend the University of South Alabama. Kayleigh Morgan of Murphy received $4,000 over two years to attend Bishop State Community College, Kelvin Edwards of Davidson received $5,000 to attend Alabama A&M University in honor of charter member Richard Davis.
The following students received scholarships of $500 or more: Ryan Mosley, Dillon Hudson, Brekiylah Shelton and Aryn Williams of Baker; Leah Phillips and Jaden Nathan of Blount; Andrew Pope of Davidson; Marlon Arrington Firle of Mary G. Montgomery; Jordyn Kennedy and Logan Mitchell of Murphy; and Jordan Guyton of B.C. Rain.

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Mobile County Public Schools JROTC STEM Leadership Academy

More than 150 JROTC cadets are testing their STEM abilities while learning about aviation at the nationally recognized Mobile County Public Schools JROTC STEM Leadership Academy. Participants are taking field trips to local businesses and industries to learn about local STEM careers, and they are participating in physical fitness activities, including rappelling, orienteering and water safety. Now in its ninth year, the Academy has received recognition and grants from the National Science Foundation ($1 million) and the Department of Defense ($6 million). Thanks to the DoD grant, the Academy is now being replicated elsewhere in Alabama and in cities around the country, like Atlanta and San Diego.
At the Academy’s closing ceremony, MCPSS Executive Director of CTE and Workforce Development Dr. William White announced the creation of the annual “Impact Award” in honor of LTC (Ret.) Robert “Frank” Barrow. The award will be presented each year to an individual who embodies the values of service, honor and integrity exemplified by LTC Barrow, who started the Academy nine years ago and who is retiring as the MCPSS Director of Army Instruction. “We can only hope to honor his legacy by upholding these values in the years to come,” Dr. White said.

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Murphy High Grad’s Project Displayed in The National Museum of African American History and Culture


Ddwayne Lockett-James, who just graduated from Murphy High, and Ethan Gwinn, a rising senior at Baker, were selected to have their National History Day documentary shown at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the Oprah Winfrey Theatre. Their documentary, one of 16 selected from more than 150 submissions, is titled “Rediscovering Roots In the Harlem Renaissance: How Zora Neale Hurston’s Barracoon Contributed to Clarifying African American Ancestry”.

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Baker Student Honored as “Youth of the Year”


Ryan Mosley, a 2024 graduate of Baker High School, has been honored as the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama’s Youth of the Year for the second year in a row. Last year, Ryan also won the Boys & Girls Clubs of Alabama Youth of the Year award after competing against young people from clubs throughout the state. He earned the title based on his written application, interviews, and speech.

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Mobile County Public Schools Honor Educators


Mobile County Public Schools held a ceremony to install the latest honorees’ names on The Giving Tree in the Academic Affairs Building. This ceremony honors the annual Teachers of the Year and educators who have won statewide or national awards during the last year.
The latest honorees are:
• Mischa Armstrong, MCPSS High School Teacher of the Year
• Monica Beasley, Alabama Art Education Association Elementary Teacher of the Year
• Jessica Burnette, MCPSS Elementary Teacher of the Year
• Summer Davis, Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) Award from the American School Counselor Association
• James Duke, Alabama Association for Career and Technical Education Teacher of the Year
• Maegan Gayle, State Finalist, Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)
• Virginia Hall, Alabama Science Teachers Association High School Teacher of the Year
• Angel Jackson, National Science Teaching Association Urban Educator Award
• Christy LeGros, MCPSS Middle School Teacher of the Year
• Kristy McLain, Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) Award from the American School Counselor Association
• Tammy Pini-Loper, Alabama Science Teachers Association Middle School Teacher of the Year
• Stephen Watts, Alabama Counseling Association Secondary School Counselor of the Year

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Mobile County Public School Learning Leading Awards


Mobile County Public Schools rolled out the red carpet last month to recognize top students, teachers, partners and accomplishments during the Learning Leading Awards, held at Murphy High School.
The system honored its 2024 countywide Learning Leading Award winners: Stella McWhorter of Mary B. Austin, Justice Nodd of Orchard, Sara Lovelace of Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies and Summer Evans of Mary G. Montgomery, pictured with MCPSS Superintendent Chresal D. Threadgill. These are standout students who exemplify the MCPSS slogan: Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow.
The 2024 Teachers of the Year were also recognized: Jessica Burnette of E.R. Dickson Elementary, Christy LeGros of Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies, and Mischa Armstrong of Baker High School. Among the valued community partners honored were Breeze Airways and the Mobile Airport Authority, the Mobile Arts Council, the Mobile Chamber Economic Development Team, and the Alabama Department of Education’s Office of Student Learning.
MCPSS also celebrated several big accomplishments, including its nationally recognized JROTC program, the expansion of mental health services for students, and the 13 MCPSS teachers nominated for the prestigious Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) over the years.
“I am extremely proud of everyone being honored, and I am thankful for the roles our award winners play in improving our schools and communities,” Mr. Threadgill said.

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St. Ignatius Kindergarten Mass


The last school Mass of the year is always led by the Kindergarten class. These adorable Impalas do the readings, intentions, Prayers of the Faithful, act as gift bearers, ushers and more. At the end of the Mass students share excerpts from their time in kindergarten in correlation with the letters of St. Ignatius. It is wonderful listening to the sounds of their small faithful voices, confidently reading and speaking in front of an entire congregation. We are so proud of all our students, especially our Kindergarten Impalas! We strive to form strong Catholic leaders beginning at a young age. #TheCatholicDifference #HisPathTheirFuture #HisPathStartsHere

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St. Ignatius Breaks Ground- New Preschool Facility


St. Ignatius officially broke ground on their new Early Learning Center Preschool facility June 3rd. The building will house 200 1K-4K Impalas with four sections each of 2K, 3K and 4K and two sections of 1K. The facility should take 12 months to build with a target of use for the start of the 2025-26 school year. Currently, the two yellow houses pictured below have been demolished to make room for the new building. Pictured are campaign chairs Mr. Bob Clapper, Mrs. Lynn Clapper, Mr. Bradley Donaghey, Rev W. Bry Shields, Jr and Mrs. Rosemary Johnson. These parishioners have been instrumental in the success of the Building Something Beautiful for God campaign at St. Ignatius. It will be a busy and exciting year on campus! The future is bright!

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