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Dealing With Your Picky Eater

Kids Health Watch is Sponsored by Children’s Medical Group Picky eating can be very frustrating to parents – especially since most children start out eating a wide variety of foods. […]

STAYCATION is the New Vacation

The average cost of a summer vacation in 2023 was $5606.05 according to data from Ouch! With that knowledge and the rising cost of – well, everything, many families […]

AI and the Loss of Truth

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. From assisting with everyday […]

What To Look For When You’re Looking For A Day Care

When considering an appropriate day care for your kids, how do you choose among the various programs available? What are some important factors to consider? Drawing on the advice of […]

If You’re Not Going All In, Stay Out

I have an idea for a small business I think would be a huge success in my area. How do you feel about me keeping my current day job, and […]

Solutions to Sticky Situations

You’re in public and your child makes an embarrassing comment to someone.They pick their nose while you are eating at a restaurant.They share an embarrassing story about you. Every parent […]

Parenting the Video Game Fanatic: How To Encourage Other Interests

“It’s time for karate class,” I said to my 13-year-old son.“Do I have to go?”“Yes.” This has been a common exchange between us for a variety of activities over the […]

Avoid Making Assumptions

When was the last time you examined any assumptions you have made about your children? If you have not done this recently, follow the advice of Alan Alda, who said, […]

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