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My Mothers Day Wont Revolve Around My Kids And I Refuse to Feel Guilty About It

My Mother’s Day: Won’t Revolve Around My Kids (And I Refuse to Feel Guilty About It)

Like orphaned socks, random game pieces, and naked dollies, my mom’s guilt pops up nearly everywhere. I wonder if I spend too much time on my phone and not enough […]

Teens and Screens May 23

Chat GPT: What Do Parents Need to Know?

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence model trained to generate human-like responses to text-based conversations. It is a language model that can understand human language and create […]

Dave Says work first play later May 2023

Sometimes Helping Means More Than Just Giving

Q. How do you handle a situation where someone needs financial help, but has misspent money you’ve given them in the past? My wife and I have been trying to […]

A Routine of Summer Fun

A Routine of Summer Fun

Students (and often their parents) can’t wait to hear the last bell ring before the summer break. They say goodbye to early mornings and their rigid routine. But as a […]

Meeting Kids Where They Are May 23

Continue Teaching Despite Their Failures

I recently attended a conference where speaker Tara Leigh Cobble told a beautiful story about how God is never disappointed in us (especially as our father). After all, disappointment can […]

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