Don’t Deny Yourself a New Style

When I visit my clients or speak to groups of women they almost always tell me one thing… I do not have any style or sense of fashion. To be honest with you, I don’t agree with those who say that. It doesn’t matter when you begin, how old you are, or what size you wear, we all have some sense of style. It’s about finding out what style you are comfortable in and embracing it. Sometimes we just need a little guidance when it comes to what style we are looking for.
The main hesitation for making a style change I hear is age. Ladies are always saying, “I’m too old to change my style.” Well I’m here to tell you, ladies, you are never to old for change, especially when it comes to your style or fashion.

Here are some steps that I hope you will find helpful:

1- Research a style you may like. The great thing about research is there are so many options to help you. Look through magazines, search the web and window shop to find ideas you are comfortable with when it comes to your age, weight, height, etc.
2- Shop at a different store for a change in style. This might sound silly, but I can assure you it’s not. We get stuck in a routine when it comes to our wardrobe purchases. We are used to buying the same things from the same retail store. This makes it hard for change and you end up having a lot of the same styles in your closet. So, change it up a little.
3- Take baby steps when it comes to adding new trends to your wardrobe.
4- Start off by purchasing a new handbag or fun accessories.
This can add a lot to your simple outfit without totally stepping out.
5 – Change your hair and makeup. Sound silly? It shouldn’t. Sometimes when you refresh your hairstyle and change your makeup (try a lighter or darker lipstick, change your nail color), these are small steps in building up to that look you are longing for.
• Research a new cut or color.
• Show your stylist or makeup artist what look you are wanting in regards to your change. They may or may not agree with you, but this will allow them to understand what you are looking for. Being the professionals that they are they will be able to work in a look that’s comparable to the change you are looking for without drastic measures.
6 – Build your confidence. Stop saying I wish I could wear that and say I want to try to wear that. This is so important, ladies. Simply by telling yourself that you will take the time to try new things, including a little change in your wardrobe or style, will allow you to have an open mind to new changes. In return, this can give you the confidence you need. CONFIDENCE is key to embracing your new style.

Some people have a sense of style and a great fashion flair, but there’s no reason you can’t learn or get help if you feel you don’t have a clue. It requires knowledge, effort, and the willingness to make a change. Getting out of your comfort zone is essential to moving in the right direction. Don’t try to find the time to look great, make the time to get the help you need to look and feel your very best, every day. You can do it if you set your mind to it. You will be surprised how small changes will go a long way. It will be worth your time and effort. Start with the small changes. You’ll be glad you did. Be everything you want to be and more!

Guest Contributor