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Full Scale School of Music / Azalea City Center For the Arts

63 Midtown Park East, Mobile, AL, 36606  map

Full Scale School of Music offers a variety of group classes and private lessons for those interested in learning an instrument. Contact Daniel Driskell for scheduling: (251) 454-6591 or Daniel Driskell, Director - piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, saxophone, clarinet, flute/Angela Rayburn - piano/David White - drums, percussion/Elizabeth Bernath, violin/Joshua Ward - guitar, bass/Laryssa Burgess, piano/Laura Deal - piano/John Cochran, guitar, rock band and Natalie Blackburn - violin, viola, cello, please visit for a complete listing of classes.

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Phone: (251) 454-6591



Mobile Music Teachers Association

We are an association of independent piano teachers. Visit our website for a list of over 40 teachers. Benefits of study with an Independent Piano Teacher are:lessons conducted by dedicated, professional instructors; lessons in studios designed for maximum achievement; independent learning skills emphasized; multiple performance opportunities available; potential for preparation of careers in all facets of music; thorough foundation in keyboard theory and piano proficiency; scholarship opportunities; ACT scores and upper-level academic grades consistently elevated.

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