Mobile Junior Academy

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Mobile Junior Academy

1900 Cody Road South, Mobile  map

The 4K/Kindergarten program is structured to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which each child has an opportunity to succeed, to be creative, and to develop at his/her own rate. The curriculum is Kendall Hunt's Stepping Stones, which is part of the Pathways series. The Bible curriculum has a themed approach throughout the year to instill Christian values. The Biblical creation story is the basis of the science curriculum. Learning emphasis is placed on nature and the Scriptures, thus acquainting the child with a loving God. A variety of activities including stories, music, play, art, cooking, field trips, role-playing, games, videos, and computers provide each child with a program for total development. Stepping Stones prepares the student for first grade with learning experiences in reading readiness, math, handwriting, music, art, and social interaction. These are adapted to each child's needs to make school an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Ages:PK4 - 8

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Phone: (251) 633-8638


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