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Enable Savings Plan Alabama

• Tax-Free Accounts for Individuals with Disabilities • Keep Your Disability Benefits and Save for Your Future Enable Savings Plan Alabama provides tax-free savings accounts for eligible individuals with disabilities., its features include: • An individual with an eligible disability can open one account. The owner and beneficiary are the same. • Any person can contribute to the account. • Three risk-based investment options, an FDIC-insured bank savings option and FDIC-insured check writing option with a debit card. Call Us at 1-866-833-7949 or visit us on the web at Created in partnership with the Alabama State Treasurer’s Office, the State of Nebraska Treasurer’s Office and First National Bank of Omaha.

Contact & Learn More:

Phone: (866) 833-7949


——————————- Other Resources ———————————

Family Support

1050 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36604,
(251) 455-6760,

Individual & Family Support

(251) 455-6760 or (251) 209-0453

Medicaid Waiver Program

(800) 441-7607,

The Rileigh and Raylee Angel Ride Foundation

(251) 243-0365,