September 2023 Issue

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Are You a Parent of an Extraordinary Child With Unique Abilities and Needs? We Understand That Your Journey Might Come with Its Own Set of Challenges, but You’re Not Alone.

This month we have our Special Needs Guide, where we’re dedicated to providing you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to ensure a brighter future for your child. Also, enjoy our usual exciting family content and inspiring local interviews in this month’s issue!
Mobile Health Sept

Parent Advocacy

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Children’s Medical Group All parents wish to be an effective advocate for their child, and all of us, whether […]

Teens and Screens Sept

Parents, Let’s Help Our Teachers!

School is back in session. By now, we have a few weeks under our belt, and everyone is rocking along in a new school year. Here at the Bush house, […]

happy african american parents with daughter home

How to Keep Your Relationship Strong While Parenting a Child with Special Needs

So, the kids are all right, but how’s your marriage doing?“I’ve had parents of kids with autism in my practice assume their marriage will fail,” says Laura Marshak,a registered psychologist […]

Student & School Spotlights Sept MBP

September 2023 Student Spotlights

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across the Greater Mobile.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Mobile Bay Parents joins [...]
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Dave says Sept

Different Personality Types Can Be a Good Thing

My husband is an entrepreneur. He has a very hard driving, energetic personality and way of doing things, while I’m more laid back and soft spoken. How can I support […]

Meeting Kids Where They Are Sept

Navigating Sickness With Your Child

In the last year, my husband and I have been forced to join a club that no one would ever choose. Our daughter has become seriously ill. We want to […]

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From the Publisher – September 2023

I have absolutely loved seeing all of the first day of school photos posted on social media recently, especially of the little ones. You can tell they are so proud […]

Meeting Kids Aug

Raising Emotionally Resilient Children

There are two common misconceptions that hinder parents from raising emotionally resilient children. The first is that “healthy children” have appropriate emotional reactions. The second is that “good parents” are […]

Dave Says cash in k Aug

Should I Cash in 401(k) to Pay Off Mortgage?

Should I cash in my 401(k) to pay off my car? I have just enough in the account to pay off the car and free up money in my budget. […]

Out the Door on Time Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine

Out the Door on Time: 9 Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine

I am not a morning person. Life at home with my toddlers used to be filled with mornings cuddling in PJs. Arriving at preschool on time was a challenge; I […]

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