Welcome Springtime and Allergies


Springtime is finally here! Even more exciting is things in our area are improving…stores and activities are opening up more and it is becoming safer to be outside and active again!

With this wonderful weather though, brings all the pollens and allergy season.

Allergies can present in a number of different ways. Some present as red, dry, or watery eyes.

Some people with allergies have a clear, runny nose, while others have bad breath or continually clear their throat. Some allergies such as to food or an insect sting can be serious.

People can be allergic to different things. Some allergens such as dust mites or perfumes are present year-round, whereas other allergens such as oak tree pollen or ragweed are more prevalent during spring time.

Allergies can present at any stage in life, but is much more common in children younger than 18 years old.

Everybody has an immune system which is the body’s defense mechanism against illness and outside exposures. IgE is one of the immunoglobulins in the body, and this IgE is active mostly in response to an allergen. So all those pesky symptoms of allergies and due to your body reacting to something it perceives as a danger to your body for whatever reason.

Allergies can also be hardly noticeable when you are healthy, but bothersome to the point that you need medicine when your immune system is compromised due to a virus or even changes like pregnancy or puberty.

Most allergic symptoms can be treated with avoidance of the specific allergen and/or medications such as an antihistamine or nasal steroid. However there is a severe form of allergies called anaphylaxis which can be life-thre{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“a2f25f5e-3ce8-4823-834c-c4495fc6e585″],”srcRootClientId”:””}atening, and requires a different medication in an emergency situation.

Anaphylaxis is where an allergen causes a person to have hives in addition to throat swelling, wheezing, vomiting, and/or lip swelling. People with anaphylaxis need to carry EpiPens with them at all times and need to strictly avoid their allergen and have an allergist that guides them toward the right treatment.

Depending on the problems allergies can cause a person, some are diagnosed with the help of a doctor just by a simple history and physical whereas some require blood work or more specific tests by an allergist.

For some people with mild allergies, taking a Benadryl or Claritin or other similar antihistamine will bring relief during pollen season. For others, more precautions and discussions with your child’s physician will help alleviate the symptoms or prevent an allergy from occurring.

Jennifer Adair, M.D., was born and raised in Mobile. She joined Children’s Medical Group in July 2013 and currently practices at their Airport office. Jennifer and her husband, Cory, reside in Mobile with their son, Finn, and their three dogs, Barkley, Fitz, and Roo.


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