Student Spotlights – March ’23

Student School Spotlights March 2023 Mobile Bay Parents
Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across our community.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Greater Pensacola Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements!
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Epiphany Packets at Corpus Christi Catholic School

3 – Epiphany Packets at Corpus Christi Catholic School

In celebration of the Epiphany, our Corpus Christi Catholic School students helped our parish assemble Epiphany packets with Epiphany water and blessed chalk. They were given to each family/household at Mass!

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Dunbar Magnet School Production of "Midnight at the Black History Museum"

6 – Dunbar Magnet School Production of  Midnight at the Black History Museum

In recognition of Black History Month, Dunbar advanced art students’ artwork was used for our theater class production of “Midnight at the Black History Museum”. Our students are so creative here at Dunbar, and all of our fine arts students work together to achieve. Can you recognize any of these famous African Americans?

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Hutchens Students Participate in “World Read Aloud Day”

9 – Hutchens Students Participate in World Read Aloud Day

Students at Hutchens participated in “World Read Aloud Day”! Students brought their favorite books to school to read with a student from a different grade level. The students and teachers loved buddy reading so much, they have requested to do it again!

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Planets and Stars at Little Flower Preschool

10 – Planets and Stars at Little Flower Preschool

To show what they’ve learned in their space unit, Little Flower preschool students gave presentations on their assigned planet or star. The colors, shapes and sizes came together for a great lesson.

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Barton Middle School Amanda Delaney Teacher of the Year

13 – Barton Middle School Amanda Delaney Teacher of the Year

We are so excited to share that for our second year in operation, our staff selected teacher of the year was also selected to represent our MCPSS school district at the state level! Mrs. Amanda Delaney was chosen to be the Barton Teacher of the Year by her peers for her dedication to her craft, her generous good counsel, her proficiency in meeting all her students and motivating them to grow, and more! She is our sixth grade English-Language Arts teacher, our dyslexic specialist, our track coach and running club faculty sponsor, and she is the Mobile Metro Reading Council’s acting President. In this picture she is standing with our former teacher of the year, Mr. Will Edmonds, who became the State’s Secondary Teacher of the Year and the runner-up for Alabama’s Teacher of the Year last year. He was thrilled to be able to pass along the title of MCPSS’s middle school T.O.Y. to Mrs. Delaney. She was surprised with this happy news on Friday, January 20, 2023 by the MCPSS communication department, her board member – Sherry McDade, her principal Dr. Amanda Jones, and a few members of her family. Students and teachers were filling the hallways and her classroom doorway cheering in happy appreciation of her well-deserved recognition! We are so proud of her!

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Father Victor Ingalls Visits Little Flower Catholic School

2 – Father Victor Ingalls Visits Little Flower Catholic School

Father Victor Ingalls, Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Mobile, visited Little Flower Catholic School. After Father Ingalls posed with a group of students, he made the rounds of all the classrooms, and even promised a basketball challenge. His lively presence always energizes the students.

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UMS-Wright Lower School Book Challenge

4 UMS Wright Lower School Book Challenge

The “Wright Way” is a counseling class taught by Lower School counselor, Mrs. Schoenvogel, to all K3-4 students. In August, Mrs. Schoenvogel read a book to each grade level called, “This School Year will be THE BEST!” by Kay Winters. In the story, the students all share a wish or hope they would like to have happen during the course of their school year. Mrs. Schoenvogel then challenged each Lower School classroom, K3-4, to read at least 100 books by the end of the semester. If this task was achieved, Mrs. Marks graciously “agreed” to kiss a PIG!
The goal was met and in January, Mrs. Marks completed the mission!
A special thank you to the Harbin family for bringing “little Pig” to campus for this momentous occasion.

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Causey Middle School’s First Lego League Challenge Teams Compete

8 – Causey Middle Schools First Lego League Challenge Teams Compete

Causey Middle School’s eight First Lego League Challenge teams competed in the Port City Qualifier at Causey Middle School. Teams prepared for this tournament by working on the Robot Game and an Innovation Project, while developing their Core Values and teamwork.
We are proud to announce the following awards:
Champions Award – 52195 Ctrl+Alt+Compete
Innovation Project Award – 14738 NFP
Robot Design Award – 52198 Tiger’s Blood
Robot Performance Award – 30015 Lightning Lords
Core Values Award – 52197 Shark Attack

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Phillips Preparatory Encourages Good Communication

5 Phillips Preparatory Encourages Good Communication

The Faulty and Staff at Phillips Preparatory are encouraging our students to be good communicators through our T.A.L.K. Campaign. The focus of our T.A.L.K. Campaign is to urge our students to communicate with the adults in their lives. All of the adults in our school building want our students to be happy, heathy, life-long learners. Communication is important, and we want our students to know that we love them and are here to help in any way.

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Extracting DNA at Little Flower Catholic School

12 – Extracting DNA at Little Flower Catholic School

Science experiments come to life when students are taught real life skills in the classroom. Seventh grade students at Little Flower Catholic School got hands-on experience when they extracted DNA from strawberries.

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Brainstorming at Little Flower Catholic School

11 – Brainstorming at Little Flower Catholic School

Ms. Alesa Weiskopf, principal at Little Flower Catholic School, lead a brainstorming session to gather ideas about designing a shield to represent ideals to strive for in our homes, our school, and our community.

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100th Day of School at Mobile Christian School

1 – 100th Day of School at Mobile Christian Schooljpg

Mobile Christian School’s Elementary students had fun as they celebrated the 100th day of school.

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St. Luke’s Adds New Culinary Medicine Class

19 – St

St. Luke’s recently added a Culinary Medicine Class with an all-new Culinary Kitchen Lab. The students recently took a trip downtown with Bienville Food Tour to explore several dishes from local establishments while learning food history. They later attended a cooking demonstration and discussion in the USA Health teaching kitchen with Dr. Israel to share his expertise and passion for healthy food.

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