Teacher of the Month: Melissa Worrell, Cottage Hill Christian Academy

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Mrs. Melissa Worrell’s 4th-grade classroom has three goals each year. One is to help the students understand how much God loves them. The second is to help them know how much she loves them. The third is to increase everyone’s love of reading.

“I teach reading, language arts, spelling, and science. Of the four subjects, reading is my favorite subject to teach. “I love to read to my students to model comprehension strategies, identify figurative language, discuss new vocabulary words, and go on adventures with my students through books.”

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Mrs. Worrell worked in the healthcare field for 13 years before becoming a teacher. This is her first year teaching at Cottage Hill Christian Academy, but her fourth year overall.

“My own children inspired my change in career from healthcare to education. My healthcare career did not allow me the time I wanted or needed with my children. Although the pandemic brought many difficulties, the blessing was that it caused us to reevaluate our priorities. We took a leap of faith, and God opened a door in my children’s school,” Mrs. Worrell shared. “I love working at the school my children attend. The biggest advantages are time spent together, hugs throughout the day, and being there for them if something comes up.”

Mrs. Worrell and her family are originally from Ohio and only recently relocated to the area to be near her husband’s family. While it is difficult to be away from her own family, who still resides in Ohio, the family has loved adapting to life in the South.

“The most exciting part of the transition has been learning and experiencing Southern culture. My students joke with me because whenever we have Red Beans and Conecuh on the lunch menu, I can never seem to pronounce it right,” she said.

One of Mrs. Worrell’s favorite teaching moments happens when she reads to her students daily in their reading nook. The nook is complete with colorful cushions and a couch, and the students bring their blankets from home.

“The absolute best part of my day is hearing the students’ reactions when I tell them to come back to school tomorrow so they can hear what happens next. Then they say, “Mrs. Worrell, please read to us more!” or “No! Why can’t we read more?” It makes my heart so happy to know they are thirsting for more,” Mrs. Worrell shared.

Melissa Worrell has been married to her husband Cody for 11 years this month. They have two children, William, in 5th grade, and Scarlett, in 3rd. Mrs. Worrell loves playing guitar and writing songs in her spare time.

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