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Am I Overfeeding or Starving My Child?

Kids Health Watch is brought to you by our friends and Children’s Medical Group As the holidays quickly approach, we focus on food. It’s the time of year when our portion sizes get a little larger than normal, and while our foods may be tastier, they also tend to be more sugary. Even though this […]


Student Spotlights (Nov 21)

Every month we compile a list of students and schools doing great things across the Greater Mobile.  We have so many talented students in our area.  Mobile Bay Parents joins with these families and schools to celebrate their achievements! Causey Middle School Volleyball Champs Congratulations to the Causey Middle School volleyball team. They are the [...]

Tweens, Teens & Screens:
A Screen Time “Win” To Help Parents Feel More in Control

Do you feel like you can never stay on top of what your children are doing on their devices? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about monitoring their ongoing social media activity, not to mention the 400 apps they use. Okay, let’s be honest, if your kids are older than nine, they are probably […]


The Science of Giving
And How It Can Help Your Kids

Want to really make your kids happy? Teach them the importance of giving to others. Contrary to common belief that kids need and want more “stuff” to be happy, science tells us that it is the act of giving to others that actually boosts happiness and can even improve health and other areas of their […]


From the Publisher
November 21

My family has recently been dealing with the heartbreaking loss of my father. While I could go on and on about what an amazing gift he was to our family, I won’t (not today at least), but I would like to share with you some of the truly unexpected emotions and lessons I have experienced […]

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