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From the Publisher – April 2024

If you are a parent, it is bound to happen at some point. In public, your child does or says something that makes your eyes widen, and you immediately want […]

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From the Publisher – February 2024

We are starting the second month of 2024, and many of us are assessing our New Year’s resolutions. How are yours going? I will say I am making progress, but […]

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From the Publisher – January 2024

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are rested and ready for a brand new year. As fun and exciting as the holidays can be, there is something […]

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From the Publisher – December ’23

As I mentioned a few months ago, cleaning out and organizing our attic space has been on our to-do list for a hot minute. Well, I am proud to say […]

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From the Publisher – November ’23

I love being up before everyone else in the house, especially with these cool, crisp fall mornings. Each day, I start by going to the back porch, where I take […]

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From the Publisher – October ’23

After the absolute scorcher of a summer we had, I cannot wait for fall weather. I know I am not alone in this either. Just this morning I walked outside […]

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From the Publisher – September 2023

I have absolutely loved seeing all of the first day of school photos posted on social media recently, especially of the little ones. You can tell they are so proud […]

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July 2023 From the Publisher

Just as I predicted last month, our summer has started off with lots of “fun” household projects. Instead of running through the sprinklers as we did when we were kids, […]

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May 2023 From the Publisher

It is almost summertime! You can feel it in the air. I am not sure who gets more excited about the end of the school year, my kids or me. […]

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From the Publisher – April 2023

A couple of months ago, I shared what a good experience I had with my children’s childcare. It was a blessing to have such loving, caring souls watching over my [...]
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