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Epilepsy Foundation

8301 Professional Place East (Suite 200), Landover, MD, 20785

A non profit program with nearly 50 local organizations nationwide. We work to prevent, control, and cure epilepsy through community, education and research for new treatments and therapies.

(800) 332-1000, www.epilepsyfoundation.orgContactUs@efa.org

Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama

3100 Lorna Rd., Ste. 300, Birmingham, AL, 36216

Our mission is to educate and support individuals with epilepsy and their families, to increase awareness in the general community and to facilitate prevention and management of epilepsy. Helpline - (800) 332-1000

(205) 453-8205, www.epilepsy.com/local/alabama/bjones@efa.org

Mobile Bay Parents

Mobile Bay Parents