Cypress Grove Academy

School Details
K-10 (adding 11th in 2023-2024 academic year)
School Mission:

The mission of Cypress Grove Academy is to provide students with the joy of a Christ-centered, classical education that nurtures the heart and challenges the mind. Partnering with parents, our school exists to teach students to love God and practice virtue by pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness. The vision of the school is to shape the habits and affections of its students through Christ-centered, classical education that they may think logically, speak truthfully, and live virtuously. The desire is that through rigorous, yet joyful learning, students humbly and courageously bring gospel-hope to our city as effectual kingdom ambassadors.

Extra Curricular:

House Leadership System, Cross-Country Club, Tennis Club, Audubon Bird Club

Contact Information
2651 Spring Hill Avenue, Mobile, AL
Mobile Bay Parents
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